*everything, *everything (linecipher) wrote,
*everything, *everything

fresh electronics

dear journal,
today i received lots of (hopefully good) new music, and a circuit-bent Casio SK-2 from my homey Josh Speckhals.

dear Casio SK-2,
i can't wait to sample the fuck out of you. your little composite cable patch-bay is soooo hot. holy christ i want to plug those little RCA cables in and out until you scream and squeal!

i had beer, Sapporo it was gooodd.d..dd.d.

moving to Denver soon?
i hope so!

dissatisfied with my music, lately.
relooping to the old approach...
!= sense

enriching my life without has made music more enjoyable and freeflowing and compelling.
writing from feeling or well-conceived thought.... not button-press-this-sounds-neat-try-to-drag-it-out. the result is always, thus far, as shallow as the approach.

time to rediscover the meaning of music again for the Nth time.
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